Career Opportunities

collaboration with faculty, industry professionals, and the arts community at large, we provide students with lifelong best career development skills that help them establish and sustain successful careers as creators, performers, and cultural innovators.

Director: The director is the head of the production unit and is responsible for directing the actors and for translating the teleplay into cinematic images in accordance with his/her vision. Not only must they establish a good relationship with their actors, they must also understand all technical issues regarding television.

Cinematographer: is the chief over the camera crews working on a film television production or other live action piece and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography. Some filmmakers say that the cinematographer is just the chief over the camera and lighting, and the director of photography is the chief over all the photography components of film, including framing, costumes, makeup, and lighting, as well as the assistant of the post producer for color correction and grading.

Producer: A producer is hired by both the Executive Producer and the Studio. This person is the liaison between these two entities. They are responsible for all financial aspects of the television show. They are also very instrumental in hiring and managing all below-the-line crew members. It is their responsibility for keeping the show on budget.

Executive Producer: This person is hired by a studio to help manage every aspect of a television show. The executive producer is the highest level of producer on a given show. This person is usually a writer, but can also be a non-writing producer. In television, this individual is often the series creator. Essentially all of the producers, directors and actors answer to the executive producer.

Production Designer: Individual works closely with producers and director to determine how they see the show, and by choice of colors, textures, and materials determines the overall “look” and contributes to the emotional tone of the show. The Production Designer supervises the search of locations, designs sets, and oversees the drawing up of blueprints and the building and dressing of all sets.

Note: besides above mentioned careers students could pursue their career in Ad Films, Assistant Directors / Assistant Cinematographer, Corporate Films.