Venkatesh Chakravarthy

Dean (Ramanaidu Film School)

Ever since it’s beginning Ramanaidu Film School (RFS) is animated by the founding vision of Suresh Productions to give back to the industry and the region what it must. The fact that RFS enjoys a larger footprint in the Telugu Film Industry than other studio-based film schools in the region or elsewhere makes evident the kind of service it has rendered over the years to realize that vision.  Much as there is an element of pride in that achievement, the management and the faculty are well aware that RFS has to do more in what is a rapidly changing scenario.

Venkatesh Chakravarthy
  • On the one hand, dynamic changes in technology are occurring in all three sectors of the industry such as production, distribution and exhibition. On the other, the impact of these technologies has created an unprecedented pressure for ever new content. In turn the demand for formally trained personnel has doubled and trebled. In that sense, opportunities have never been so plenty before as of now for those who have the skill and the vision both of which are nurtured at RFS by a well-designed curriculum, highly experienced faculty and hands-on training and all at the most minimal cost.

  • RFS is the only film school that enjoys a strong production base as it is closely associated with its founding organization, Suresh Productions, a house which is fully active 24/7 in production, distribution and exhibition. This implies that if you happen to generate a credible proposal after your graduation, your film career could be launched in the very same campus where you happen to train.

  • So, welcome to the world of cinema at RFS and explore how far you can go…