Masters in Cinematography

A 2year POST Graduation Program – Masters in Cinematography at one of the Best Film Making institutes in Hyderabad has been formulated by the inputs provided by Professionals & Academicians along with the valuable suggestions of Advisory Film Making Technicians.

Becoming a cinematographer or a director of photography is possible only with an all-round knowledge of the film-making process than just understanding the functions of the movie camera. In effect, the cinematographer is expected to possess creative, conceptual, technical and organizational skills, all of which he or she would deploy to realize the singular goal of realizing the director’s vision in the most effective manner. At the same time, the director of photography is also expected to possess an individual array of techniques that could mark his or her own style. With such goals in mind, our course attempts to impart a rigorous training by way of a hands-on experience of every aspect of film-making.

Ramanaidu Film School is one of the Best Film Making institutes in Hyderabad offering Masters in Cinematography along with other Film Making courses.

M.F.Tech (Film & Television Cinematography)
Duration: Two Academic Years (Four Semesters)
Course Structure

Cinematography Basics
Direction Basics
Screenwriting Basics
Principles of Editing
Production Design & Visual Storytelling
Documentary & Publicity film
Motion Picture Cinematography
Digital Cinematography
Storyboarding & Visual Effects
Cinematography Styles & Techniques
Film Art & Aesthetics
Film History


All theoretical courses are linked to relevant hands-on practicals and individual and group project works. The final semester involves a mandatory cinematography of a thesis film project and an independent thesis project on Cinematographic Style.


The final semester will in addition involve a mandatory one-month internship under a reputed DOP.


Workshops on story-boarding, lighting, colour, film and digital formats, sync sound recording, music, editing, stunt picturization, choreography and vfx will be provided as additional inputs by visiting faculty members.


Veterans and professional DOP’s, Colour Consultants, Visual FX Supervisors from the film and television industries will address the students from time-to-time to share their experience and knowledge.

Admission Requirements

Age: No Bar
Eligibility: Basic degree from any recognized university

Our fee structure is lower than any other professional private film school in India
Merit Scholarships would be awarded to students with high percentage of attendance and academic performance