Ramanaidu Film School | Short Form Video Content Workshop

Short Form Video Content Workshop

Secret of making viral videos for your audience

The Programme

Digital and social media holds the key to grab the audience interest most effectively, and efficiently today and in the future. Succeeding in this complex and noisy arena requires an understanding of the best practices of these new media techniques to build your future.

This programme has been designed to introduce you to all the strategies, secrets and trends of short-form video content. You will also learn how to make viral videos, the dynamics behind making them with a practical approach.

Attending this programme will help you master short-form video content generation with hands-on training, establishing your niche, building your audience and promoting your content.

Duration – 4 Days Starts from January


How does this programme help?

This programme offers you the best training and education from the renowned brand to enhance your careers. You will gain immediately applicable advanced skills, relevant for the uncertain times we live in.


Who should attend?

Professionals who want to upscale their careers, artists who want to establish a niche, digital media enthusiasts who want to explore and anyone who wants to create viral video content for the brand-building – this course is for you. It is consciously formulated to meet the digital demands in uncertain times.

Key Concepts Covered

What we teach –
  • The relevance of the Content – and the opportunities to explore in digital arena
  • Laws of the human psyche – Understanding why we are the way we are.
  • Branding and selling – Positioning, finding niche and creating strategic content that works.
  • Principles of Storytelling – Learn the elements of stories that make them interesting to the audience.
  • Video creation – No-budget filming, live audio recording, shooting techniques, editing and delivering the final project.
  • Platforms – To source the visual and audio elements for your content creation.

Programme Benefits

How this programme helps you –
  • Identifying new and emerging opportunities in the digital arena to boost your careers.
  • Learn strategies of creative thinking and stand out from crowd to drive measurable success.
  • Gain a sophisticated understanding of video creation with hands-on training.
  • Learn how to leverage social media and technology for effective targeting and retention.
  • A practical approach in creating the content that sells and helps you to make the mark in the digital space.
  • Fair understanding of the human psyche and the dynamics behind creating viral content.