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Rama Naidu Film School

Admissions open for M.F.Tech and D.F.Tech in FilmMaking.Apply Now...!!!


Welcome to Ramanaidu Film School

(RFS) RFS is an improving serious academic and social experience. An elite Film related studies school in Hyderabad,located at Ramanaidu Studios offering both Filmmaking and Multimedia courses. We emerge among the top film schools in India with our extraordinary command to produce learning prepared film diploma holders and post-graduates to strengthen this Film & TV industry by regional standards, broadly and universally.

The guiding norm is to treat RFS-one of the best film schools in Hyderabad, not as another business venture but to foreground it as an extension of the munificent activities of the Ramanaidu Charitable Trusts. This is the simple reason why our fee structure is lower than any other professional private film schools in India, we would like filmmaking talents to emerge from any home in the region or the country.

Home to students from different parts of our nation, our grounds is a kaleidoscope of societies and dialects. The energetic academic scene, a pith's impression of assorted societies, is only one among the numerous reasons why students pick us.


FilmMaking & Multimedia Courses 

Ramanaidu Film School is a school designed for a new generation of filmmakers who want to learn. Traditional film schools often delay the moment when students get thei...

Merit Scholarship

Avail MeritScholarship upto 50%

To encourage students in attaining high quality standard outputs in all the aspects, we at Ramanaidu Film School support them by offering merit scholarships for all the available Film Making and ...


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