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Acting Weekend Course Syllabus 2022

Is appearing on the big screen a big dream of yours? Ramanaidu Film School can make it come true! Introducing our Weekend Acting Course for working professionals to provide a second chance to those who are passionate about acting, irrespective of their current profession. RFS’s 12-weekend course provides practical experience and hands-on education to candidates to develop their craft as actors and excel in front of the camera. Audition opportunities will be provided to all candidates at the end of the course. This course is the perfect opportunity for those who have a never-ending passion for acting on various platforms — movies, TV series, web series and more.

Candidates interested in attending the Weekend Acting Course at Ramanaidu Film School are encouraged to learn more about the course content:


  • Acting Theory
    • Indian Method — Natya Shastra [Kudiyattam]
    • Asian Method [NOH – Kabuki Bunr]
    • Western
  • Acting for Different Media
    • Plays [Natak]
    • Films
    • Television
    • Radio


  • Physical Aspects of Training
    • Games
    • Movement
    • Yoga
  • Voice and Speech
    • Breathing
      • Observing the breathe
      • Controlling the breathe
      • Holding the breathe
    • Text and Subtext
      • Stress
      • Pause
      • Colouring the word
  • Psychological Training
    • Memory
    • Concentration
    • 5 Senses
    • Emotion
    • Relaxation
    • Observation
    • Imagination
  • Improvisation
    • Basic technique of improvisation
    • Improvisation applications to film
    • Improvising professional acting skills
    • Acting the script with improvisation techniques
  • Scenes — 3 different scene practicals
  • Camera
    • With costume and make-up Set
    • Location
    • Lenses
    • Shots
    • Movements
  • Monologue & Sense Presentations
    • Character analysis
    • Characterisation
    • Tempo and graph
  • Shooting the Scenes

Why Ramanaidu Film School

  • Many graduates of RFS are in the mainstream film industry. 
  • The short duration of the courses offered is such that it does not consume years of your valuable time to get you started in your area of specialization and
  • The courses offered are available at a reasonable and affordable cost.