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Ramanaidu Film School is one of the top film school offering filmmaking courses like Direction, Cinematography, and Acting

Direction and Scriptwriting _ RFS
A 2year Post Graduation and 1 Year Diploma program– in Direction & Screenwriting at one of the Best Film Making Colleges in Hyderabad has been formulated by the inputs provided by Professionals & Academicians along with the valuable suggestions of Advisory Film Making Technicians.

Our course basically starts out as a combined curriculum on film directing and screenwriting and then looks at the other aspects of film-making that matter to the making of a good director emphasizing hands-on experience of the process at every stage. The basic objective is to impart creative, conceptual, technical and organizational skills.

A 2-year Post Graduation Program Courses and 1-year Diploma Program – in Cinematography at one of the Best Film Making Colleges in India has been formulated by the inputs provided by Professionals & Academicians along with the valuable suggestions of Advisory Film Making Technicians.

Becoming a cinematographer or a director of photography is possible only with an all-round knowledge of the film-making process than just understanding the functions of the movie camera. In effect, the cinematographer is expected to possess creative, conceptual, technical and organizational skills, all of which he or she would deploy to realize the singular goal of realizing the director’s vision in the most effective manner.

Ramanaidu Film School offers Diploma Course in Acting for a duration of 12 months.

Syllabus for Acting course at RFS


  • Introduction to Film Craft
  • History of Acting
  • Elements of Acting
  • Acting Process
  • Acting Basics
  • Acting Styles
  • Acting Techniques
  • Actor Tools
  • Voice & Speech

IACG offered, ‘Graduation in Multimedia’ is a unique and India’s First full time program designed in line with national and international industry standards. IACG offering Animation Courses, Gaming, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, VFX, Film Making, Mobile APP Development & Web Technologies as specializations under this program.


As a leading and the best Multimedia college in Hyderabad guarantees the accomplishment of our undergraduates by presenting them to the Live Production Environment important to get into the shoes of a Multimedia Opportunity and also ensured that the best Multimedia Courses are offered and is the right choice for any enthusiastic graduate looking for career in the Art field




Financial Aid

We collaborated with SBI & HDFC banks to support for Education loans

JNAFAU Accredited

We are providing a full time Post-Graduation – MFT & Diploma programs – DFT in Filmmaking with the support of JNAFAU.

JNTUH Accredited

Join IACG, the best multimedia education icon 2017 from Times Education for Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Gaming, FilmMaking, Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Web & Mobile Technologies, Art & Design.


We believe in free will and playful learning which is delivered through our interactive teaching methodologies combined with traditional arts & digital film and media technologies making RFS the best film school in Hyderabad.


Based on the percentage secured in the last 6 months of his / her prior academic performance, a student can avail merit scholarship only for the 1st semester of the chosen program and subsequently can avail the same based on his / her academic performance in the following semesters.

Campus Life

Besides having the opportunity to get enrolled in the best Filmmaking and multimedia courses, students are encouraged to indulge in various activities through our CLUBS & HOUSES showcasing their social, technical and artistic skills, thereby celebrating every moment of their student life with no swift diversions.

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