Dubbing - Ramanaidu Film School


You could be the voice of your favourite celebrity!

Ramanaidu Film School, a leading film school in India, is committed to training students in every aspect of their career in the media. RFS boasts a distinguished faculty of experienced professionals and industry experts who are committed to providing students with the hands-on guidance to successfully complete the school’s demanding curriculum. This 45-day course will improve your speaking skills and give a complete overview of dubbing as a career, as well as expert guidance to kickstart your dubbing career.

  • Intermediate (Plus Two)
  • 45 Days
As part of the Dubbing Coursework, students will get to learn the following:
  • Origin of dubbing
  • Role of dubbing artist
  • Concentration techniques
  • Memory techniques
  • Tongue rolling problems
  • Overcome stammering problems
  • Voice exercises
  • Voice natures
  • Reading techniques
  • Diction
  • Ad voice overs
  • Modulations
  • Lip syncing
  • Expression management
  • Serial dubbing
  • Movie dubbing
  • Time management in dubbing
  • Imitation
  • Different scales in dubbing
  • Mic maintenance
  • Sound management
  • Practical training (15 days)
  • Networking opportunities with experts from the film and television industry.
  • RFS stays in touch with their alumni group to ensure that current students get information about various opportunities in the media industry.
  • Gain unrivaled real-world experience from India’s top film school.
  • Our motto is to nurture our learners to excel in their careers as creative leaders, skilled artists and innovative technology experts.