Daggubati Suresh Babu - Ramanaidu Film School

Daggubati Suresh Babu

CEO of Suresh Productions,
Chairman of  Ramanaidu Film School &
Chairman of Ramanaidu Charitable Trust

To enable the critical transition of the Telugu film industry from Chennai to Hyderabad, the Telugu Desam government granted land below the market cost to different segments of the industry.  It was under this scheme, Suresh Productions was offered space at the top of Jubilee Hills to build its studio. At that time, this land was nothing but a barren piece of rocky and rugged surface filled with dense shrubs and weeds.

Daggubati Suresh Babu
  • Daggubati Suresh Babu, the elder son of Ramanaidu had just then graduated in his M.S. (Engineering) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He was accordingly groomed to be a technocrat with a base in the manufacturing industry rather than meant to walk the line in film production like his father. Ramanaidu was so busy at that time with three or four films at hand that the responsibility of turning that barren land into an all-in-one studio fell upon the broad shoulders of Suresh Babu.

  • Blessed with both a scientific temperament and an artistic vision Suresh Babu went about his job in a meticulous manner to ensure appropriate landscaping with beautiful lawns and gardens, in and out approach roads, erection of production and postproduction facilities with the state-of-the art technology, simple but elegant offices for production and distribution, to create the all-in-one infrastructure, Ramanaidu Studios. In the process, he gradually became the right hand of his father taking charge of the execution of more than one third of the films he had produced. With the super hit film Bobbili Raja (1990), Suresh Babu emerged as a producer in his own right commanding the respect and admiration of his peers in the industry. He steadily added one success after another to his oeuvre such as Premichukundam Raa (1997), Kalisudam Raa (2000), Malliswari (2004), Tulasi (2007) and so on while promoting or partnering with other significant productions like Ashta Chamma (2008), Golconda High School (2011) and Ega (2012) to name only a few.

  • By the time Suresh Productions’ Drushyam (2014), the Telugu version of the Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam thriller hit the screen; fresh wind had began to blow in the Telugu industry as elsewhere. Passionately eager young filmmakers who were determined to push the envelope with simple but effective storytelling began to challenge outmoded ways. Sailing smoothly with this paradigm shift by taking things as they came, Suresh Babu instantly noticed the value and significance of Tarun Bhascker’s Pelli Choopulu (2016) and gave it such a mounting that the film went on to become a runaway hit conferring stardom on the director, Tharun Bhascker and the hero of the film, Vijay Deverakonda. When Suresh Babu decided to promote Venkatesh Maha’s complex and layered C/o Kancherapalem (2018) on the contrary he held several screenings to young film buffs across the city so that word of mouth could spread and sink in the consciousness of the public by way of their comments in the social media and elsewhere. This slow but steady mode of campaign ensured a wider audience, when the film was released later after the kind of build up that was necessary to earn all the attention it deserved garnering one accolade after another and launching in the process the careers of Venkatesh Maha and his team of actors and technicians.

  • With the advent of OTT platforms great demand for interesting and significant content have been created. Keeping abreast of such tidings, Suresh Productions has intiated several processes to create content that can reach beyond the regional and the national market. These ventures cannot become a real possibility full of promise without the entrepreneurial spirit and the tried and tested business sensibilities of Suresh Babu.